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I would love to start receiving your reports from your local bus routes. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Manhattan or Dudley, whether it’s a spectacular route or a dull suburban circuit, I just want to read about your bus routes, your neighbourhoods, your towns and what makes them the places they are, for good and bad.

They can be wordy, or just photos or even video reports but I think it would be amazing to build up a library of people’s local bus routes from all around the country and world.

Londoners can get involved too, sending alternative reports of routes I am doing. You can mix up the format too. You could just describe one person who gets on at each stop, or take a photo every 60 seconds. Anything really. So, if you’re interested in doing one, or know someone who might, please get in touch.

If you’re on twitter, put out the call to arms for me and let’s see if we can get a few in to get the ball rolling. My email to get in touch is numb at blueyonder dot co dot uk (spelt out to avoid spammers) or you can contact me on twitter @Benandthebuses.

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  1. Your Bus Routes need updating., eg, Route 15 Blackwall-Regent Street/Conduit Street. Was withdrawn from Paddington over 2 years ago.

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